11 avril 2006

The big dive into winter


Salmon raviolo and Rosé wine sauce 

Back again. Sorry for being a yoyo! My sudden disappearance is due to a series of unfortunate factors. First a new job, then the end of summer. Less light, shorter and colder days…… I – and it is very sad to admit – turn into a two-minute-noodle-cook. When trying to get my spirit and desire to cook and shoot back, I realise that my “mojo” was gone. My maori potato gnocchis turned sludgy, an attempt to layer roast banana and white chocolate looked as terrible as it tasted and my matcha sponge was somewhat flat and burnt.

I was tempted to give up. Fortunately, fiesting on “comfort food” (eg: chocolate bars and processed food) revealed unsatisfying and oh so fattening!!!

So well I’m back with low fat goodness! It’s also colourful to make up for the lack of joy around us.

I did not go as far as making the pasta dough myself. I used wonton sheets and glued them together with egg wash. It did not break when boiled. The filling is only salmon and fresh dill. The salmon had been lightly steamed and seasoned before being shredded.

To create the sauce I lightly cooked shallots and garlic, added Rose wine, reduced and put a tiny dash of cream. It helps keeping the sauce together, giving it a velvety texture. If I had cooked a white flesh fish, I would have used coconut cream in the sauce. Unfortunately, I find the strong taste of salmon does not combine well at all with coconut.


Rosé wine is very seldom used in cooking. Maybe there is a technical reason for not using it. It is a bit more bitter than white wine but it is not an overwhelmingly disturbing. It also gives a very pretty colour to the sauce.

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Commentaires sur The big dive into winter

    It's so nice to see you back posting. The recipe looks delicious. I often use won ton skins for ravioli. The salmon and the sauce sound yummy! I hope the job is good?

    Posté par sher, 11 avril 2006 à 17:38 | | Répondre
  • Welcome back. Recipe sounds fabulous.

    Posté par barbara, 12 avril 2006 à 08:53 | | Répondre
  • For a dish like that, I would gladly go through winter again (here in Canada we're heading into Spring).

    Posté par Ivonne, 12 avril 2006 à 11:13 | | Répondre
  • Superbe ton plat. Et cette couleur rose est adorable! Vive le retour a la cuisine!

    Posté par TartineGourmande, 16 avril 2006 à 04:12 | | Répondre
  • what an interesting combination, and quite a good wine pairing when you think about, I mean I would drink rose wine with salmon (since it is not really a red or white meat), so why not cook with the same combination - great idea!

    Posté par eatzycath, 19 avril 2006 à 04:07 | | Répondre
  • Winter

    Well this sounds delicious! I myself have been inspired by the onset of cold weather in Melbourne as it has been a nice change of menu from my usual light summer food, have enjoyed some slow cooking, roasts, tagines, soups etc & have a list a mile long to get through this winter which will of course post as I go. Dont let the Winter bluses get to you!

    Posté par Ange, 20 avril 2006 à 13:38 | | Répondre
  • Thanks and Merci

    Sher: Yes, job is good. It is food related and I often get samples to try!
    Do you freeze you wonton pastry? I did and now it breaks!

    Barbara: Thanks. It looks good but I cannot help thinking it lacks cream and cheese!

    Yvonne: New Zealand winters are not as cold as Canadian winters! I envy you.... SPRING!

    Béa: Oui, une sauce rose qui n'ai pas le gout de fraise, c'est plutot surprenant.

    Cath: The fact is that I never cooked salmon with alcohol before. It looks good and tastes.... interesting

    Ange: Welcome! That's right, comfort food are very tempting when winter is back. I try to resist eating fat and cook visually comforting food instead. Tagine sounds good, though, nice hearty lamb and apricots!

    Posté par Céline, 20 avril 2006 à 14:12 | | Répondre
  • Light and lovely

    This looks quite light and lovely to me. I am mostly vegetarian but do occasionally eat fish, especially when it's locally caught. Here in northern California, salmon fits the bill! Congratulations on a fine food blog...


    Posté par mindy t., 22 avril 2006 à 14:01 | | Répondre
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