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08 janvier 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!Mouelleux au chocolat After 2 sunny weeks away in Central North Island, I am unfortunately back to work this week. Just before going away I baked - yes baked! - little yummy Xmas chocolate pudding. Do not trust its colourful look because it is as fatening  as it is delicious , you have been warned! The below recipe has been adapted from an "All Chocolate" French cookbook I received for Christmas last year: 225 g bitter chocolate,240 g butter,180 g sugar,6 eggs,120 g flourA... [Lire la suite]
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30 novembre 2006

Drinking up summer

I told you about NZ blogging by mail and my attempt at making brownies for the occassin. My fear of failing again was overwhelming! I got a recipe from an all chocolate cookbook and followed meticulously, I really gave it my best shot.  All that to end up with a compact layer of fudgy chocolate flan. Nothing like a brownie at all, I don't know where I went wrong. So I apologise in advance to the person who will get the parcel, not many homemades goodies. Let's face it, I just don't have THE gift. I have decided to give up... [Lire la suite]
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09 juin 2006

Winter Treats

Heart shaped self saucing puddings Winter has finally kicked in. Temperatures are nosediving. I was trying to drink a glass of Bordeaux yesterday but my lounge was freezing. The wine was far too cold for the aromas to develop. Far too cold to be fully appreciated. I miss warmth and I miss summer food. Times like that call for emergency comfort. To rise spirits up, nothing beats the warmth and cuddliness of chocolate cakes – especially when we’re talking heart-shaped gooey chocolate cakes. I was offered a... [Lire la suite]
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21 mars 2006

A sweet comeback

     Grapefruit Tarragon Millefeuille First: Sorry for having been away for so long. 2006 brought some happy and unexpected twists and turns. All in all I have not been able to log on internet very often.The above is my miserable attempt to make a 'Grapefruit-Tarragon millfeuille' as per Su Good Eats recipe. I learnt a valuable lesson, though: When it comes to assembling millefeuille, the thiner the layers the better. Mine were completely oversized and make my cake look like a very ugly "Tower of Pisa". A very... [Lire la suite]
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27 février 2006

Back from holiday

My first has a Japanese feel My second shines summer And my all is a little tartlet Shortbread tartlets with Anko and summer fruits First, time I head about Red bean custard, I was somewhat disgusted. I pictured the type of red beans used for chilies and a tonne of sugar - not the ideal combination. Then, a handful of friends and I were brave enough to try it in a Japanese restaurant and we were all surprised and happy to find out it was so delicious. The type of bean used is actually Adzuki, a japanese bean -... [Lire la suite]
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07 février 2006

Essence of summer

Last week in Auckland was rather overcast and rainy. Days are getting shorter. It's becoming harder to find strawberries in fruit and vege stores..... Summer is slowly fading awayI then decided to make the most of summer flavours while it's still possible.The above layered cake is a decadent celebration of summer sweetness: Mango cream, coconut custard and melon mousse stand high and proud in between layers of soft sponge cake. Flavours and textures melt in your mouth in a firework of tropical extravagansa. I loved it, a really... [Lire la suite]
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25 janvier 2006

SHF # 15 - Light as a cloud

Sugar Low FridayWhite Sesame Mousse on pain d'épices and caramelised apricots.My first entry in a foodblog competition... I'm rather anxious. Reading about sugar low Friday early January got me very excited, I had to be part of it!I had just came back from France then, after two weeks of intense eating and drinking. Intense consumption of Foie Gras, chocolates and wine had its impact on me... I was feeling like a diabetic whale. This is why this challenge appealed so much to me. Why sesame? well, I incresingly became a... [Lire la suite]
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10 janvier 2006

Back for good

White Chocolate and Praline MousseI got back from France a few days ago. I had a great time, it was so good catching with my family and friends. On Boxing day, the temperature dropped to -7 degrees c to later reach a freezing -16!! I did not have much chance to go food shopping under these circumstances and only managed to bring back 2 bottles of Champagne. (My parents live in Champagne).Fortunately, I got a box of praline coated in white chocolates for Christmas, I used to be addicted to them. Leaving in New Zealand must... [Lire la suite]
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12 décembre 2005

Chocolate Macarons

Here are the chocolate macarons I made for our photo shoot marathon on Sunday. The macarons themselves don't look as good as the blackcurrent ones I made last time but they tasted better: I reduced the amount of sugar, they tasted of almonds and chocolate. As expected, the outside was crispy while the center was soft. The filling is a white chocolate ganache, orange flavoured. A very Christmassy dessert.This photo is so nice, thank you James.
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08 décembre 2005

An Angel at My Table

More Macarons!! Theses ones are Ribena (blackcurrent) flavoured and filled in with whipped white chocolate ganache. I followed the below recipe to achieve this result. Each attempt makes me quite nervous, it is still not a process I master.This time I ended up with an amazing result, I'm thrilled. I had a quick look at Pierre Herme's surreal PH10 (Oh Excalibur!). He seems to use humongous amounts of eggs whites and sugar... you're more likely to end up with an industrial production of macarons. My recipe... [Lire la suite]
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