12 décembre 2006

One thing leading to another

Buttermilk is not an ingredient I am familiar with. I actually never used it in my cooking before. Some people say there is nothing like it to keep chicken moist but when I found myself with some leftover after making quark I didn't feel too adventurous and used very conventionally to make pancakes. 1 cup buttermilk1 cup flour1 teaspoon baking powder2 eggs10g brown sugar1 pinch of salt Combine all ingredients. I used cookies cutters to make sure they would have a round shape and served with raspberry coulis. Delicious!
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12 décembre 2006

I love your whey

Homemade quarkAbout two weeks ago I bought a tub of quark from Nosh, nice farmstyle curd. It was good but so compact it was impossible to eat it by itself. As a kid in France, I grew up on "petits Suisses", very small portions of quark wrapped in paper. Here in New Zealand I didn't manage to find quite the right consistency, it's either too firm or too runny. I therefore decided to make my own!Making quark is not difficult it just takes a little bit of take because the mixture has to stand to allow curd and whey to separate.... [Lire la suite]
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05 décembre 2006

NZ Blogging by mail

On a bright and warm Saturday afternoon, there it was, my NZ Blogging by mail parcel. The mystery sender was Nigel, the lamb tail eater, new blogger from Hawkes Bay. THANK YOU SO MUCH NIGEL! Opening the parcel was like opening a Christmas present. I had time to take a few photos before devouring the contents - especially the chocolates. In his wisdom, he also included goodies I can keep and cook with.     This delicious parcel, which is nothing short of a Christmas hamper contains:-1 bottle of absolutely mind... [Lire la suite]
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30 novembre 2006

Drinking up summer

I told you about NZ blogging by mail and my attempt at making brownies for the occassin. My fear of failing again was overwhelming! I got a recipe from an all chocolate cookbook and followed meticulously, I really gave it my best shot.  All that to end up with a compact layer of fudgy chocolate flan. Nothing like a brownie at all, I don't know where I went wrong. So I apologise in advance to the person who will get the parcel, not many homemades goodies. Let's face it, I just don't have THE gift. I have decided to give up... [Lire la suite]
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29 novembre 2006

Hibernation is over!!!

Looks like I am back AGAIN!!!!  Back for a GOOD time and a long time. After spending all winter fiesting on -unblogable -triple cream/cheese/bacon & pasta bakes as well as bagfuls of lollies, I increasingly started thinking about this dear food blog that I so shamefully dropped out too many months ago. Flicking through my favourite food blogs and going out to dinner parties, I felt it would be so nice to start cooking properly again and more importantly resume blogging. So here I am. A lot happened during that period... [Lire la suite]
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13 juin 2006

One Pot Cooking

Veal Marengo Veal Marengo is a French recipe with Italian accents. It has been created in Marengo by Napoleon’s personal chef with the few ingredients available locally: Tomatoes, onions and white wine. For some reason, my grand mother always adds olives and I always associated olives and veal Marengo. Much to my disappointment, I found out this dish does not include olives while researching a proper recipe. Nevermind I ditched the recipes and used my home cured olives. Cooking like my grand mother has something to do... [Lire la suite]
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09 juin 2006

Winter Treats

Heart shaped self saucing puddings Winter has finally kicked in. Temperatures are nosediving. I was trying to drink a glass of Bordeaux yesterday but my lounge was freezing. The wine was far too cold for the aromas to develop. Far too cold to be fully appreciated. I miss warmth and I miss summer food. Times like that call for emergency comfort. To rise spirits up, nothing beats the warmth and cuddliness of chocolate cakes – especially when we’re talking heart-shaped gooey chocolate cakes. I was offered a... [Lire la suite]
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02 juin 2006

Give Silken curd a chance!

Tofu in ginger flavoured tempura batter   Who said tofu was dull and boring? I was first introduced to tofu when I was 7 and I was not impressed, not impressed at all. It looked like a burger pattie but tasted like.. uh? Pre-chewed rubber? Later much later I gave tofu another go. We used to try a different restaurant every month with my friend Lulu, who is vegetarian. One night, we decided to go to Hare Krishna. We had tofu massala. It was sumptuously delicious. The tofu had absorbed all the flavours, it was... [Lire la suite]
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30 mai 2006

Today's pick

  Sunshine in a jar - Hand picked olives in olive oil These are the delightful olives I picked on Barbara’s olive trees. I cannot thank her enough. Being able to cure my own olives is such an exciting journey. I divided the olives in 2 batches: I used Barbara’s method to cure the 1st batch and I crushed the second batch with a brick. What a good way to get rid of your stress! Take a handful of olives and bang! Hit them hard with a brick wrapped in cloth.  Crushing olives, breaks down the flesh and helps... [Lire la suite]
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24 mai 2006

Mind blowing

  New Zealand Lamb – Photo from my company’s website   My camera has been malfunctioning for a few weeks and I was waiting to have the problem fixed to start posting again. But today I really need to tell about my yesterday's mind blowing experience. My boss gave me a lamb rack yesterday. - Some companies reward their employees with stock options and sport cars…. I got a whole rack of lamb - . I was both delighted and puzzled. Lamb racks are quite in fashion here in New Zealandbut I never... [Lire la suite]
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