22 janvier 2007

Pancake recipe made easy

Wordless pancake recipe Click here for original size More wordless recipes here, they are all so great!
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09 janvier 2007


Seriously, I might sound like a grumpy mole again but I just cannot understand all that fuss around Wagamama. In a rather uncomfortable and noisy room, this noodle bar serves Asian inspired over priced and bland dishes. "Wagamama" means Naughty Kid in Japanese and this eater unfriendly environment is indeed very reminiscant of school canteen. Are my taste buds numb or what? Why is everyone raving about this place??
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19 décembre 2006

Sprout eater's record bid fails

A Devon man who hoped to set a world record by eating the most Brussel sprouts in a minute has failed. Brussel sprouts, ewwww!   Richard Townsend, 24, of Exeter, fell seven short of the target of 43, which was set in December 2003. Mr Townsend, who had eaten a plate of sprouts every day for the last six months, said he just "lost it". After cramming the sprouts into his mouth with a toothpick, he said: "I do not think I could face another sprout for a few days." But then,... [Lire la suite]
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05 décembre 2006

NZ Blogging by mail

On a bright and warm Saturday afternoon, there it was, my NZ Blogging by mail parcel. The mystery sender was Nigel, the lamb tail eater, new blogger from Hawkes Bay. THANK YOU SO MUCH NIGEL! Opening the parcel was like opening a Christmas present. I had time to take a few photos before devouring the contents - especially the chocolates. In his wisdom, he also included goodies I can keep and cook with.     This delicious parcel, which is nothing short of a Christmas hamper contains:-1 bottle of absolutely mind... [Lire la suite]
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29 novembre 2006

Hibernation is over!!!

Looks like I am back AGAIN!!!!  Back for a GOOD time and a long time. After spending all winter fiesting on -unblogable -triple cream/cheese/bacon & pasta bakes as well as bagfuls of lollies, I increasingly started thinking about this dear food blog that I so shamefully dropped out too many months ago. Flicking through my favourite food blogs and going out to dinner parties, I felt it would be so nice to start cooking properly again and more importantly resume blogging. So here I am. A lot happened during that period... [Lire la suite]
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20 avril 2006

La Gastronomie Française!

It seems to be ranking season in the food industry. Last week, Metro magazine published the list of Auckland’s best restaurants. “The French Café” was elected overall winner. This restaurant has won the prize for the 3rd year in a row.   Early this week, I came across "The World’s Best Restaurants 2006”. The number of Spanish Restaurants listed is impressive.It is rather hard to comprehend the voting process: No Asian, South American or African (excepted SA) restaurants are listed. Does it mean they are not assessed? ... [Lire la suite]
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28 février 2006

A French 4x8 meme

Anne from "La Station Gourmande" just tagged me for the 4x8 meme, Merci Anne! The below meme is the French translation I - unsuccessfully - posted on my French blog a few months ago 4 metiers que j'ai exerceConseillere en investissementsTraductrice Free lanceEmployee dans un magasin de farces et attrapesAssistante Ressources Humaines 4 films que je pourrais regarder en boucleHercules return (Un film Australien sur fond de peplum Italien)Alice de Woody AllenN'importe quel episode de Miss Marple (oui, je sais, je suis... [Lire la suite]
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09 février 2006

Food Awards

"Cuisine judged best food magazine in the world 02 February 2006   New Zealand food magazine Cuisine has been judged the best of its kind in the world at the Gourmet Media World Festival in Cannes, France. The festival, which bills itself as the international rendezvous of all media professionals dedicated to food and drink, awarded Cuisine Best Food Magazine with one of only four golds given out.           "It is an immense honour to be judged best food magazine in... [Lire la suite]
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31 janvier 2006

4 x 8 meme

Barbara from winos and foodies just tagged me for the 4 x 8 meme (Woooohooo my first meme) 4 Jobs I've HadFinancial advisorFree lance translatorEmployee in a trick or treats shopHuman ressources assistant 4 Movies I could watch Over and Over (4??? that's a lot)Hercules returnAliceAny of the Miss Marple seriesIn the Mood for Love 4 Places I've LivedPont-Croix, FranceParis, FranceBrixham, UKAuckland, NZ 4 Websites I Visit DailyLe MondeMy BankNew Zealand HeraldVarious food blogs 4 TV Shows I love To WatchCadfael (not on TV... [Lire la suite]
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23 janvier 2006

Kiwi winos

Read on Spitton "Just been reading through last Tuesday's scribbled notes; some stunningly good Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminers kick off the list. I concentrated on whites for the simple reason that I ran out of time before I got to try the reds. Had a welcome diversion from the 'best of' tables with an introduction to Mike Just a winemaker who took the 25th Anniversary New Zealand Wine Tasting as an opportunity to launch his own range (Clayridge Vineyards) to the UK. He is also winemaker for Maven Wines and... [Lire la suite]
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