18 janvier 2006

Pie on the cob

Here is one of my favourite challenge: To combine random ingredients from my pantry and transform them into something edible. This challenge dates back from my poor Uni days.This time I had a can of creamed corn, eggs, courgettes, honey, mushrooms and a few boxes of spice. My first idea was corn fritters but I was not happy with the idea of ending up with little patties dripping with oil. I then decided to combine all the ingredients and throw the whole thing in the oven. Giving a recipe would be difficult. I generally do... [Lire la suite]
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13 janvier 2006

Happiness lies in the lens

I finally got my very own didgital camera!!! It's maybe not the best period for that but I could not wait anymore. It's an entry-level type of camera, not a SLR (sic) but it has a manually adjustable zoom, a very cool feature. It takes really good pictures, a good buy. From now on, I can shoot every single dish I cook. This is just a dream come true. Stepping into this side of things made me more critical and more earger to learn about photographying techniques and food presentation, etc.. I have heaps of... [Lire la suite]
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14 décembre 2005

Tabouleh from Middle-Earth

I like this photo a lot. It's very simple and elegant.The focus is on the pita bread (thank you Barbara for the recipe), the tabouleh is a bit blurred in the background. It's actually better that way, the photo is more balanced. Tabouleh is a North African dish, parsley based. There's no cooking required. All the ingredients: Parsley, red onions, tomatoes, bulgur and mint are tossed together with lemon juice and left in the fridge for a few hours. The lemon juice softens the grain. Drizzle olive oil and serve... [Lire la suite]
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