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12 décembre 2006

I love your whey

Homemade quarkAbout two weeks ago I bought a tub of quark from Nosh, nice farmstyle curd. It was good but so compact it was impossible to eat it by itself. As a kid in France, I grew up on "petits Suisses", very small portions of quark wrapped in paper. Here in New Zealand I didn't manage to find quite the right consistency, it's either too firm or too runny. I therefore decided to make my own!Making quark is not difficult it just takes a little bit of take because the mixture has to stand to allow curd and whey to separate.... [Lire la suite]
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30 mai 2006

Today's pick

  Sunshine in a jar - Hand picked olives in olive oil These are the delightful olives I picked on Barbara’s olive trees. I cannot thank her enough. Being able to cure my own olives is such an exciting journey. I divided the olives in 2 batches: I used Barbara’s method to cure the 1st batch and I crushed the second batch with a brick. What a good way to get rid of your stress! Take a handful of olives and bang! Hit them hard with a brick wrapped in cloth.  Crushing olives, breaks down the flesh and helps... [Lire la suite]
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