02 juin 2006

Give Silken curd a chance!

Tofu in ginger flavoured tempura batter   Who said tofu was dull and boring? I was first introduced to tofu when I was 7 and I was not impressed, not impressed at all. It looked like a burger pattie but tasted like.. uh? Pre-chewed rubber? Later much later I gave tofu another go. We used to try a different restaurant every month with my friend Lulu, who is vegetarian. One night, we decided to go to Hare Krishna. We had tofu massala. It was sumptuously delicious. The tofu had absorbed all the flavours, it was... [Lire la suite]
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02 mai 2006

Hummus – Take 2

           Adzuki bean hummus When reading about macrobiotic food, I learnt a lot about Adzuki beans, an ingredient I only associated with moon buns and anko so far. They’re said to be yang (Good for your skin apparently).They are a good source a protein and are considered to have a positive action on kidneys. Having said that I rarely came across a savoury recipe for Adzuki beans. Apart from the boring “boiled adzuki and rice” or “Adzuki soups”. Such a wonderful ingredient deserves... [Lire la suite]
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27 avril 2006

Alternative diets

All from scratch: Pitta Bread, falafel and tzatziki After reading an article on macrobiotic food, I have increasingly been interested in this diet. The article started with a typical macrobiotic menu: Breakfast: Quinoa, pumpkin seeds, yoghurt and fresh raspberriesLunch: Tofu pattiesDinner: Fish green curry Having never been a fan of big fry ups, this simple menu convinced me to look for further information.  Like most people I was completely misinformed on macrobiotic. For me, it sounded like... [Lire la suite]
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11 avril 2006

The big dive into winter

Salmon raviolo and Rosé wine sauce  Back again. Sorry for being a yoyo! My sudden disappearance is due to a series of unfortunate factors. First a new job, then the end of summer. Less light, shorter and colder days…… I – and it is very sad to admit – turn into a two-minute-noodle-cook. When trying to get my spirit and desire to cook and shoot back, I realise that my “mojo” was gone. My maori potato gnocchis turned sludgy, an attempt to layer roast banana and white chocolate looked as... [Lire la suite]
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09 février 2006

Minimalist delicacy

Salmon Gravlax and honeydew melonNow this is one fancy mouthful.  Contrasting bright colours, delicate flavours, original combination: My idea of cooking. I must have eaten half of my salad while I was photoshooting. Graxlax originates from Scandinavia, the salmon is cured in brine for a least two days, no cooking is required. I recently read that freezing the salmon for at least a week prior to curing it is required as parasite may be present in the flesh.   Although the basic recipe only uses kosher salt,... [Lire la suite]
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23 janvier 2006

Delicious rainbow

While at the beach yesterday, I suddenly came up with an original idea: Snapper, raspberries, cream on a cushion of braised leaks. I was peacefully reading my book (a novel, not a cookbook), lying in the sun, I had lunch not so long before and out of the blue, I visualed this dish. How bizarre! Back at home, I gathered the ingredients but figured out leaks and raspberries would not work, so I replaced the leaks with Kumara. This looks everything like a dessert, but it's savoury and mind you, the flavours really work... [Lire la suite]
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20 janvier 2006


One of my favourite Artist ever is Sophie Calle. She appears, under the pseudonym of Maria in Paul Auster's novel: Leviathan. In non-fictional parts, she is described cooking monochromactic dinners. One colour per day of the week. I have always been fascinated with this concept. This week end, I will try to think of 7 sets of menus, let's go for 2 course meals - 3 would be too much hassle. To summarise, I will have to work on:-Green, the easiest-Red-Orange-white now I'm in trouble .... uh, blue? no, certainly not! ... [Lire la suite]
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