13 juin 2006

One Pot Cooking


Veal Marengo

Veal Marengo

is a French recipe with Italian accents. It has been created in Marengo by Napoleon’s personal chef with the few ingredients available locally: Tomatoes, onions and white wine. For some reason, my grand mother always adds olives and I always associated olives and veal Marengo.

Much to my disappointment, I found out this dish does not include olives while researching a proper recipe. Nevermind I ditched the recipes and used my home cured olives.

Cooking like my grand mother has something to do with witchcraft: Add a pinch of this and drizzle a bit of that as you go. No need for scales and measuring jugs.

All in all, it is impossible to go wrong with Marengo. The result always comes in form of a rich, bright red gravy and glistening with olive oil. It tastes typically Mediterranean and the meat is really tender and bursting with flavours.

Here is a guideline, more than a proper formal recipe. Chicken or pork can also be used.


500 grams veal (stew meat)

150 grams button mushrooms

1 can tomatoes in juice

1 onion

2 shallots

A little bottle of dry white wine. (35cl, I think)

1 cup of beef stock

A handful of green olives.


Bay leaf


Salt and pepper to taste


Heat a little olive oil, add thyme, chopped onion and shallot. Saute in olive oil until soft, add veal and brown. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of flour, stir and quickly add white wine. Let boil for a few minutes and add bayleaf and beef stock.

Simmer for 1 ½ hours and add tomatoes, olives and mushrooms. Simmer for a further 30 minutes.

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Commentaires sur One Pot Cooking

    How fun to meet up with Elise! It's so hard to imagine "winter" food right now ... it must be the same for you when you see all the "summer" food in the northern hemisphere blogs!

    Posté par Alanna, 14 juin 2006 à 00:57 | | Répondre
  • That looks delicious. I've never made merengo with veal, use chicken instead. In fact, I like to make it up in large batches. It freezes beautifully.

    Posté par sher, 14 juin 2006 à 04:33 | | Répondre
  • Mmm...marengo. That looks wonderful, and it's a great photo. I love veal, I love wine, I love olives...this must be the dish for me! Thanks for sharing. (And I love the title of your blog.) ~Lisa


    Posté par Lisa, 19 juin 2006 à 03:25 | | Répondre
  • Mmm...marengo. That looks wonderful, and it's a great photo. I love veal, I love wine, I love olives...this must be the dish for me! Thanks for sharing. (And I love the title of your blog.) ~Lisa

    Posté par Lisa, 19 juin 2006 à 03:26 | | Répondre
  • Va falloir que j'essaye cette recette! Miam miam!

    Posté par TartineGourmande, 22 juin 2006 à 15:24 | | Répondre
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