02 juin 2006

Give Silken curd a chance!


Tofu in ginger flavoured tempura batter


Who said tofu was dull and boring? I was first introduced to tofu when I was 7 and I was not impressed, not impressed at all. It looked like a burger pattie but tasted like.. uh? Pre-chewed rubber?

Later much later I gave tofu another go. We used to try a different restaurant every month with my friend Lulu, who is vegetarian. One night, we decided to go to Hare Krishna. We had tofu massala. It was sumptuously delicious. The tofu had absorbed all the flavours, it was soft and simply divine..

Tofu does not have much taste by itself but it works like a canvas to present other flavours. Curry is one example. Deep fried tofu is also exceptionally delicious. I first had it in a Japanese restaurant. It was coated in a ginger flavoured tempura batter. The crust was light and crispy while the tofu inside was soft - custard-like and ginger flavoured.

Tofu is available in different textures from silken to firm, depending on the moisture content. I love the texture of silken tofu but it doesn’t cook very well, so I used a firmer tofu for my tempura. 

For tempura, the tofu has to be sliced thin or diced in bit-size cubes.




Tofu nibbles

Tempura Batter 

1 egg beaten
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup super cold water.
Using very cold water is important. It keeps prevent the batter from becoming sticky.

1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger.

Combine all ingredients but do not overmix otherwise the batter will absorb more oil.
Coat the tofu in this batter and fry in batches until crispy.


Miscellaneous dipping sauce:
Combine a tablespoon of thick soy sauce, a teaspoon of mirin and a pinch of five-spice mix. Pour on tofu.

Serve on rice (donburi)

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