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Adzuki bean hummus

When reading about macrobiotic food, I learnt a lot about Adzuki beans, an ingredient I only associated with moon buns and anko so far. They’re said to be yang (Good for your skin apparently).They are a good source a protein and are considered to have a positive action on kidneys.

Having said that I rarely came across a savoury recipe for Adzuki beans. Apart from the boring “boiled adzuki and rice” or “Adzuki soups”. Such a wonderful ingredient deserves to be used in more exciting ways. 

Time to be creative. I thought their nutty flavour would suit a hummus. It sounds rather crazy, I don’t know how the idea occurred to me.

To have a full on bizarre recipe, I also made black sesame tahini. Black sesame is a bit sweet and it is a yin ingredient (which balances the yang beans). Black sesame seeds are a source of phosphorous, magnesium, iron and calcium. 

I followed the same recipe I previously used for hummus and tahini. Adzuki hummus is rather thick and floury. It is maybe too thick for dips but I works wonderfully spread on pitta bread with vegetable.

I was rather pleased with my recipe. Very delicious and so healthy!