27 avril 2006

Alternative diets

All from scratch: Pitta Bread, falafel and tzatziki After reading an article on macrobiotic food, I have increasingly been interested in this diet. The article started with a typical macrobiotic menu: Breakfast: Quinoa, pumpkin seeds, yoghurt and fresh raspberriesLunch: Tofu pattiesDinner: Fish green curry Having never been a fan of big fry ups, this simple menu convinced me to look for further information.  Like most people I was completely misinformed on macrobiotic. For me, it sounded like... [Lire la suite]
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20 avril 2006

La Gastronomie Française!

It seems to be ranking season in the food industry. Last week, Metro magazine published the list of Auckland’s best restaurants. “The French Café” was elected overall winner. This restaurant has won the prize for the 3rd year in a row.   Early this week, I came across "The World’s Best Restaurants 2006”. The number of Spanish Restaurants listed is impressive.It is rather hard to comprehend the voting process: No Asian, South American or African (excepted SA) restaurants are listed. Does it mean they are not assessed? ... [Lire la suite]
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11 avril 2006

The big dive into winter

Salmon raviolo and Rosé wine sauce  Back again. Sorry for being a yoyo! My sudden disappearance is due to a series of unfortunate factors. First a new job, then the end of summer. Less light, shorter and colder days…… I – and it is very sad to admit – turn into a two-minute-noodle-cook. When trying to get my spirit and desire to cook and shoot back, I realise that my “mojo” was gone. My maori potato gnocchis turned sludgy, an attempt to layer roast banana and white chocolate looked as... [Lire la suite]
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