31 janvier 2006

4 x 8 meme

Barbara from winos and foodies just tagged me for the 4 x 8 meme (Woooohooo my first meme) 4 Jobs I've HadFinancial advisorFree lance translatorEmployee in a trick or treats shopHuman ressources assistant 4 Movies I could watch Over and Over (4??? that's a lot)Hercules returnAliceAny of the Miss Marple seriesIn the Mood for Love 4 Places I've LivedPont-Croix, FranceParis, FranceBrixham, UKAuckland, NZ 4 Websites I Visit DailyLe MondeMy BankNew Zealand HeraldVarious food blogs 4 TV Shows I love To WatchCadfael (not on TV... [Lire la suite]
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