26 janvier 2006

Fresh basil is my new muse

Pesto cauliflower soup

I remember writing an article about soups on my French blog last year; more precisely about the perception of soups in France and New Zealand.
Young French people would tend to consider soups as some kind of food reserved for old people. Indeed, in collective imagination soup sound like some kind of tasteless broth where overboiled leaks and carrots are floating.

I have been living in NZ for a while now and got to understand the funkiness of soups. Even in summer, I am quite happy to transform any combination of ingredients into velvety chowders.

Easy peasy recipe

-Fresh basil
-Fresh parmesan cheese
-Juice of a lemon
-Half a cauliflower, cooked
-2 medium potatoes
-Vegetable stock
-20cl of milk

Blend all ingredients and gradually add stock to desired consistency. Garnish with tasted pine nuts.

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Commentaires sur Fresh basil is my new muse

    this soup sounds so easy to do
    lots of cauliflower
    with a freezing temp i love soup at any moment

    Posté par sha, 28 janvier 2006 à 11:36 | | Répondre
  • Hi, very easy indeed and so nice. Very warm and the lemon gives it a special little bite.

    Posté par Giant Squid, 31 janvier 2006 à 13:11 | | Répondre
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