18 janvier 2006

Pie on the cob


Here is one of my favourite challenge: To combine random ingredients from my pantry and transform them into something edible. This challenge dates back from my poor Uni days.
This time I had a can of creamed corn, eggs, courgettes, honey, mushrooms and a few boxes of spice. My first idea was corn fritters but I was not happy with the idea of ending up with little patties dripping with oil. I then decided to combine all the ingredients and throw the whole thing in the oven.

Giving a recipe would be difficult. I generally do not bother weighing and spooning my ingredients, except when I try a "technical" recipe for the first time. (eg: macarons). I combined the above listed ingredients+milk+starch+flour+baking powder+cumin seeds+tumeric and oven-baked for 20min.

I was quite pleased with the result: A brown and moist cake. I poured a honey, apple and soy sauce dressing on top and had it with cheese and apple wedges!!

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