10 janvier 2006

Back for good


White Chocolate and Praline Mousse

I got back from France a few days ago. I had a great time, it was so good catching with my family and friends.

On Boxing day, the temperature dropped to -7 degrees c to later reach a freezing -16!! I did not have much chance to go food shopping under these circumstances and only managed to bring back 2 bottles of Champagne. (My parents live in Champagne).
Fortunately, I got a box of praline coated in white chocolates for Christmas, I used to be addicted to them. Leaving in New Zealand must have caused my taste buds to change because this time I could not appreciate their taste so much. I found them too sweet.

Back home I took some and slowly melted them in rice milk. I then whipped the white of an egg and carefully folded it into the white chocolate mixture (once it was nice and cold). I ended up with a nice foamy texture that I poured in two ramequins and placed in the fridge overnight.

I had a mousse for breakfast the following morning. I was so pleased with the result: A nice light texture, nutty flavour tinted with hints of white chocolate. Mouthfuls of heaven!

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